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Silver Creek Equine Services



  • Equine Dentistry

  • Horse teeth continue to grow throughout their lives, creating problem areas known as "points" and "waves." Years ago, these problems were corrected by smoothing the teeth with hand filing tools, an approach that is still occasionally practiced on horses with very minor issues. 

  • We offer both hand floating and motorized floating (far more common and comprehensive) depending on which is more appropriate for the horse's dental needs. Both procedures are usually performed under sedation.

  • Motorized dentistry is best performed at our haul-in facility, though can be performed at your home or barn. Stocks and fans add efficiency, lower the stress on the horse, and lower the cost of the procedure.

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Equine Surgery

Equine Surgery

Our Veterinarians perform a number of surgical procedures including:

  • Gelding (standing or lying down)

  • Wound Repair

  • Surgical Sarcoid Removal

  • Hernia Repair

  • Reconstructive Surgery/Repair

  • Patellar Desmotomy


Equine Wellness

We offer a number of examination formats in order to ensure your horse's health, including:

  • Routine Physical Exam

  • Lameness Exam

  • Ophthalmic Exam

  • Oral Exam

  • Insurance Exam

  • Pre-Purchase Exam

  • Reproduction


Vaccine and Worming

We recommend the following vaccination protocols:

  • At birth: Injection to supplement selenium, which is deficient in our area

  • At 6 months of age: Initial vaccination for West Nile Virus, Eastern and Western Encephalitis, Tetanus, Influenza (injectible), and Rabies

  • At 7 months of age: Booster vaccination for West Nile Virus, Eastern and Western Encephalitis, Tetanus, and Influenza (injectible)

  • At 11 months of age: Vaccination for Influenza (intranasal), and for Strangles (intranasal)

  • Annually (fall or spring): Vaccination for West Nile Virus, Eastern and Western Encephalitis,Tetanus, Influenza (intranasal), and Rabies

We recommend the following deworming protocols:

  • Foals: at 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 months of age - administer fenbendazole (Panacur) at the larvacidal dosage level (see your veterinarian)

  • Horses age 6 months and older: we now recommend a 'four times per year' rotation of various dewormers (see your veterinarian). We also offer an affordable Equine Worming Pack to treat one horse for the whole year for $45.


Unfortunately our emergency services are limited.

 Emergency calls received outside normal business hours will be screened and addressed on a priority basis.

Due to the increased demand for emergency services in our area, we have found that there is a necessity to develop an emergency policy to best serve our all of our clients and patients. Our goal is to provide the best service possible and continue to serve an excellent standard of care in the most timely manner, which requires a prioritization of our services.

  • Preference will be given to existing clients.

  • Each case will be evaluated individually, based on severity of symptoms and patient condition based on the description of symptoms/conditions provided.

  • Recommendations for immediate care will be provided if relevant or possible depending on owner ability and supplies. Please visit emergency kit recommendation.

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